Some Advanced Features to Expect from a Wifi Garage Door Opener

July 29, 2019

With the technological expansion of the cell phone and all of the capabilities that the internet brings, it’s no wonder that we can now pair our phone devices to our garage door opening systems. But, what does this mean for you as a homeowner? If you’re wondering what features a wifi garage door opener offers, this article discusses the various attributes you can take advantage of when choosing this type of garage door opener.

Open and Closing of Your Garage Door Right From Your Phone

One of the most obvious things wireless internet connection can provide for your wifi connected garage door is the ability to open and close the door from wherever you are. And, at any time you need to. Certainly, this is a great asset to utilize, as leaving the garage door on accident is something that has only happened to the best of us. Furthermore, wifi connection gives you the ability to check and see if your garage is indeed open (or closed for that matter). So, you can have peace of mind in knowing so when you’re away from home. Additionally, having the capability to open and close your garage from anywhere allows you to provide access to your home when you’re not there. So, when someone comes to your home to house sit or feed your pets, you don’t have to give them a key. Instead, you can just open your garage when they call you for access.

Receiving of Push Notifications

Some Advanced Features to Expect from a Wifi Garage Door OpenerSometimes, you’re not aware that you or a family member may have left the garage door open. But, with push notifications, you can be sent notifications of when your garage has been open for a specific amount of time. Additionally, you can set it up to send you a notification any time the garage door is used. This allows you to check up on your family when your kids go to and from school and also allows you to know when the garage is ever open when it shouldn’t be.

Get Your Packages Sent to Your Garage

When you can open and close your garage door whenever you need, you can use this as a way to protect your packages. In many areas, Amazon and other delivery services can send and place packages directly into your garage. This works by sending you a notification that your package is on the way. When you get the notification, just open your garage so that the delivery person can leave it inside your garage. And, close the garage again once the package is left. This gives you an alternative to having packages left on your front doorstep. And, protects your packages from thieves that steal packages that aren’t theirs from the front doorway area.

Wifi Garage Door Lights

Not only can you choose a garage door opener that pairs with your wifi connection for use when you’re away, but you can also set up garage lights that connect to your internet as well. This will allow you to turn garage lights, whether inside your garage or outside, on and off. This is a great asset to people who may have cameras outside without additional lighting, so you can see who is entering/leaving your garage anytime it’s being used. Furthermore, this can help while you’re on vacation and you want it to look like someone might be home, but you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up light timers.

Get Your Wifi Garage Door Opener from At Your Service Garage Doors

Here at At Your Service Garage Doors, we offer a number of garage door openers which are wifi capable. This way, you can get the functionality out of your garage door that you want. All of our products are designed and developed by some of the most high-end, quality manufacturers in the country.

To check out some of our garage door opener options that support wifi connection, check out our product catalog. And, contact us today to get your free, no-obligation quote for your new wifi garage door opener.


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