The Importance of Preparing for a Hurricane

July 15, 2019

Hurricanes are a terrifying natural event that brings about disaster. While hurricanes can impact many areas of the world, as far as the United States is concerned, the state of Florida is the highest at risk for a direct hit from a hurricane. That’s because, from 1995-2017, 11 of the 36 hurricanes that landed on US soil impacted Florida. So, if you live in South Florida, you know the likelihood of having to deal with a hurricane. And, the importance of preparing for a hurricane within your own neighborhood. With high force winds and flying objects to deal with, your home will need preparing. This way, you still have a standing structure once the storm passes. If you’re not sure what to do to prepare your home and family for a hurricane this upcoming season, this article will give you some tips.

How Hurricane Force Winds put Your Home at Risk

The Importance of Preparing for a HurricaneThe most dangerous aspect of a hurricane is the high force winds. Depending on the category of a hurricane, these winds can range anywhere from 74-157 miles per hour. While most homes in South Florida are a concrete structure which protects the framing of the home, other issues can make these high winds a huge problem. For example, if you don’t secure your windows and doors (including your garage door), hurricane winds can enter the home. And, imbalance the gravitational pull of the wind, which can result in ripping the entire roof off of your home. And, when this happens, the structural entirety of the home is completely ruined. Unfortunately, not boarding up windows or securing doors is the main reason for structural damage of homes during hurricanes. So, the importance of preparing for a hurricane certainly includes making sure windows and doors are ready to take on these high-force winds.

How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Force Winds

Basically, to prepare your home for the high winds that are inevitable with hurricanes, you need to think about the windows and doors of your home. So, if you don’t have hurricane impact windows or sliding doors, all of your windows and entryways need to be boarded up. Certainly, you can invest in hurricane impact solutions, as these will keep you from having to board up your home in the future. And, increase the overall value of your home. But, if you can’t afford to upgrade at the moment, you’ll need to find plywood that’s large enough to completely cover any entrance point or window of your home. Then, secure the boarding by screwing the board into place.

Don’t Forget About Your Garage Door

While securing windows and doors is a major concern, many homeowners may forget about one of their home entry points — the garage door. Due to their large size, garage doors are susceptible to high-force winds of hurricanes. And, if that happens, your entire home could be in jeopardy. To prepare your garage door for a hurricane, you have a couple of options.

First, you can install a garage door brace, which helps to keep your garage door in place during high winds. Typically, these can be installed by you, the homeowner, as they aren’t that difficult to install. But, before installing, make sure the garage door is 14 gauge weight or higher. And, make sure to drill all of the needed screws into place before moving onto other hurricane preparations.

Secondly, you can invest in a hurricane-resistant garage door system. When choosing this option, you don’t have to use a brace. This means you can utilize your garage door in case of an emergency if you and your family would ever need immediate evacuation. Plus, choosing this option increases the resale value of your home, so it’s a sound investment that makes sense and provides safety. Finally, it makes things easier on you as a homeowner. You have a lot to do to prepare for a hurricane. So, don’t make having to buy and install a garage door brace another thing on your to-do list. With a hurricane-proof garage door, you’ll never have to think about securing your garage for a hurricane again!

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