Some Hurricane Protection Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

May 13, 2019

Living in South Florida means preparing for the likely event of hurricanes each season. It seems as though South Florida residents are war veterans when it comes to moving on after the traumatic event of a category 3, 4, or even 5 hurricanes. However, while we’re resilient as a community, it’s imperative to prepare for such storms. This way, your home has the best chance of surviving these natural disasters. In this article, we discuss a few tips for South Florida homeowners who are serious about hurricane protection for their home.

The Dangerous Threat of a South Florida Hurricane

Some Hurricane Protection Tips Every Homeowner Should KnowFlorida is the state with the highest risk of experiencing a hurricane and damage due to a hurricane. In fact, 40% of all hurricanes hit the coast of Florida. So, if you’re a South Floridian or own a home in Florida, hurricanes are a real threat that needs to be taken into account. But, why are hurricanes so dangerous? Some of the treats of a hurricane may include:

Winds: High hurricane-force winds can reach up to 157 mph. Winds of these forces can snap tree branches and send them hurling through home windows. And, can lead to the collapse or even ripping off of entire roofs, leading to complete home demolishment. Not to mention the tornados these forceful winds can create.

Rain: Rainfall from hurricanes can lead to massive flooding and structural damage. It’s recorded that hurricanes can release up to 2.4 trillion gallons of water onto land in a single day.

Storm Surge: Surely the biggest threat of hurricanes for South Florida residents, a storm surge is essentially a giant ocean wave that can reach up to 20 feet. They’re caused by rising waters due to hurricane winds. And, are the cause of up to 90% of hurricane-related fatalities.

1. Protect Your Home With Hurricane Proof Windows

One of the best things you can do to protect your home from the high winds of a hurricane is to invest in hurricane proof windows. If windows are penetrated or weak at all, they’re at risk for blowing. And, once a window of a structure is blown, the roof is at risk for collapse. This is because winds circling through the home can create pressure which can be strong enough to lift off the roof.

2. Make Sure Outside Possessions are Stored Securely

Because the winds of a hurricane are so extreme, you should be sure to put anything away outside that could be swept up in the wind. Winds traced in a category 5 hurricane can move pick up trucks and fling them across the sky. So, it’s important to secure anything that may be picked up by high force winds and thrown into your home’s structure. This can include patio furniture, pots, planters, vehicles, and more. If there is anything too large to take inside, make sure to secure it by tying it down.

3. Try to Prevent Water Damage

While you can’t necessarily stop rising floodwater, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to prepare for it. If you’re in a flood zone or a surge zone, you can expect flood water to get to your home. The best way to prevent flood damage at this time is to place sandbags around the home’s structure. Furthermore, unplug all outlets and make sure your vehicle is parked on high ground. Finally, the best thing you can do is to prepare for water damage itself if you can’t prevent it. This is done by investing in flood insurance.

4. Invest in a Hurricane Proof Garage Door System

Just like window are at risk for blowing out and causing pressure to release into the home, the garage door is too. If your garage door isn’t hurricane wind resistant, it could lead to your entire roof caving in or even blowing right off. To prevent this, consider securing your home with a hurricane-proof garage door. Here at At Your Service Garage Doors, we offer a number of hurricane resistant garage door solutions which are not only highly functional and safe but also very appealing and beautiful.

5. Prepare to Evacuate Just in Case

Sometimes, you do all you can to secure your home from the dangers of a hurricane, but you shouldn’t stay to see this threat out. If you’re in an evacuation zone, you need to leave. Or, if you aren’t sure about the safety and security of your home, seek out a shelter. Make sure to take food and water with you wherever you go. And, remember that you need enough gas to make it out of the state of Florida with thousands of other traveling Floridians at your heels. This means taking into account traffic jams and not being able to get to a gas station on your way out of the state.

Need to Secure Your Home this Hurricane Season?

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