How to Cool Down a Garage for the Hot Summer Months

June 24, 2019

Living in South Florida during the summertime can be grueling due to the high temperatures and humidity. Even going outside for 5 minutes works up a sweat. So, undoubtedly, inside your non-air conditioned garage is bound to be scorching. During these hot summer months, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to cool down a garage. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to make your garage feel cooler during the hot months.

Consider Installing Insulation Throughout Your Garage

Insulation helps to drastically lower air temperature in garages. While it’s typically thought of as a means to warm areas of the in cooler climates, it can also be used to do the exact opposite for more tropical climates too. Basically, it provides a thermal protective layer that works to keep the heat from penetrating into various parts of your garage. Some homeowners choose to place insulation in different places and find success with a number of places including:

The Ceiling: Putting insulation in your garage’s ceiling can help to raise the overall temperature inside your garage by absorbing some of the hot summer sun that beams down onto your roof.

Your Garage Door: Many people aren’t aware of the fact that they can insulate their garage door. This can help to reduce any of the heat that your garage door holds. This is especially useful because garage doors open and close, so combating the fact that they already may be a source of the heat in your garage helps immensely.

Your Garage Walls: Along with insulating the garage door and your garage ceiling, insulating behind your drywall can also help to keep the air in your garage cooler.

Invest in Garage Ventilation

While insulating your garage can help to reduce the temperature of your garage to a degree, it may not be enough to provide the right ventilation you need to experience the difference you’re seeking. Ventilation allows hot air to escape your garage atmosphere, leaving your garage feeling even cooler than it was with only insulation installed. Some types of ventilation systems many homeowners consider for their garages include:

How to Cool Down a Garage for the Hot Summer MonthsIntake Vents: If it’s hotter in your garage than outside, an intake vent can help to provide some relief. These vents work by allowing outside air to ventilate your garage space, which can help to reduce the temperature of your garage by 15 degrees Fahrenheit or better.

Attic Fans: If your attic is located in your garage, it could be playing a part in the reason why your garage feels so warm during the summer months. A fan in your attic can help to reduce the temperature of your attic space, which in turn, helps to reduce your overall garage temperature.

Garage Ceiling Fans: Finally, one of the last ventilation systems for your garage to consider is your standard ceiling fan. If you have space for one, it can help to provide some relief as it works to circulate the air in your garage.

Considering Sun Protection for Your Garage Windows

Many homeowners who have a garage with windows may not understand the impact windows can have on the temperature of their garage. The hot summer sun can penetrate through windows and raise the temperature in your garage by many degrees. So, if you have windows in your garage, consider investing in shades or blinds to keep the sunlight out.

How to Cool Down a Garage with Professional Repairs

One of the best ways to make sure that your garage is optimally functioning to best combat the summer heat is to offer routine maintenance. If you see that your garage door springs are rusting, your door is coming off the track, or cables have snapped, it’s best to get your garage door fixed as soon as possible. This way, you can close it to keep cooler air inside your garage at all times. And, protect your home and family from invasion.

Finally, a professional garage door company can help you by installing weather stripping, which can prevent air from slipping out of your garage door cracks. When you invest so much into keeping the air inside your garage door cool, this inexpensive solution is a great way to keep your efforts from being in vain. To learn more about At Your Service Garage Doors’ garage door repair, maintenance, and weather stripping solutions, contact us today!


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