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    Wondering how to protect your garage and home from flooding, pests, mud, and excess dirt? Want to keep heat or cool air inside your garage without losing your door’s functionality? A bottom seal weather strip is your most inexpensive and effective solution to meet these needs. Here at At Your Service Garage Doors, we offer a number of competitive manufacturer brands for bottom seal weather strips.

    We can install bottom seal weather strips to a number of garage door types. Have a brand new garage that needs protection? Or, does your garage weatherstripping look worn and isn’t performing the way you need? Whatever the case, we’ve got a for you.

    Whether you need to protect a home or business garage, we can find a weather strip solution to meet your need. Before ordering the material, we take careful measurements to be sure we have enough sealant without charging for unneeded material. And, we also make sure to help you choose the sealant that will best meet your garage requirements and your satisfaction.

    Helping you Decide Which Bottom Weather Stip Your Garage Needs

    Don’t know which type or sizing of bottom seal weather strip your garage may need? Not to worry; we can help you determine which product you may benefit from best. We take pride in being able to help home and business owners get the garage protection they need. And, being transparent in the process of each of our projects. This way, our customers can be sure they are getting the products, service, and functionality that they expect and require.

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    Give your garage the protection it deserves with a bottom seal weather strip from At Your Service Garage Doors. Not sure what you need? We can help to come up with a plan of attack so your garage door functions the way you need it to! Ready to talk to us about your garage door needs? Contact us through our website or give us a call today at (561) 846-2378.


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