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    Garage door cables are what makes it possible to lift these heavy doors with precision and ease. They’re secured to the bottom of the door and lead to the spring for counterbalance. They also may wind through pulleys to provide the movement needed to easily open and close garage doors with the simple click of a button. Without properly functioning cables, a garage door doesn’t function as it should. In fact, in may not even open or close at all. In addition to functionality, cable damage presents a number of dangers as cables may snap, causing parts to fly off or the garage door to disassemble. So, if you’ve noticed that your cables aren’t up to par, it’s important to have the issue addressed right away. And, to only use professionals who understand the importance and need for properly installed cables.

    At Your Service Garage Doors offers garage door cable repair for a number of different cable issues. Whatever type of cable you have or issue you’re experiencing, we can offer a repair service that gets your garage door back to functioning as it should.

    Cable Issues that may Need Addressing

    There are a few reasons you may need to consider garage door cable repair. Some cable issues may include:

    Snapped Cables: Whether it’s from rust or old age, garage door cables can completely snap when worn. This inhibits any motion and requires complete replacement of the cables.

    Unwinding Cables: Garage door cables are made from a number of strands of galvanized steel that are wound together to provide strength and durability. However, with use and age, these strands of steel can become unwound. This can jeopardize the strength of the cable and put it at risk for snapping. And, in return, put you and your family in danger of injury.

    Pulley Failure: Sometimes, cable unwinding or rust can lead to pulley issues. This can also hinder garage door functionality. Here at At Your Service Garage Doors, we can pinpoint your garage functionality, whether it be due to cable, spring, or pulley failure.

    Incorrect Cable Winding: If a garage cable system isn’t installed correctly, cables may jam together as they wind or unwind from the pulleys. This prevents proper opening and closing of the door. We can help to install the cables in a way that wind and unwind correctly every time.

    Choosing At Your Service Garage Door for Garage Cable Repair

    Garage Door Cable Repair in South Florida | AYS Garage Doors

    Often, homeowners find out too late that installing garage door cables themselves is a bad idea. That’s because cable issues are usually caused by underlying issues that need addressing as well. Here at At Your Service Garage Doors in South Florida, our professionals take special care to identify the root of cable failure issues. This way, the best solution can be utilized to address the problem. And, you can benefit from knowing that your garage door is ready to function properly from professional service.

    Is your garage door not functioning as it should? Do you notice that your cables are fraying or rusting? It may be time for garage door cable repair service from At Your Service Garage Doors. Contact us today through our website or give us a call to speak directly with one of our garage door experts at (561) 846-2378.


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