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    Having easy access to your garage by way of keypad or remote is a no-brainer. In this day and age of technology, who wants to have to manually open their garage when you could alternatively simply click a button? Here at At Your Service Garage Doors, we understand the convenience that garage door keypads and remotes offer to home and business owners. And, can help to both repair and install these solutions for individuals who want to have this type of garage door functionality.

    Garage Door Keypad and Remote Repair

    Already have a keypad, remote, or both to open and close your garage door but it’s no longer working? We have years of experience with keypad and remote products for garage doors. And, we can quickly identify an issue that needs repair.

    If we identify that a new keypad or remote system is required, we let you know of the issue. Furthermore, we offer a number of effective solutions for replacement, based on your needs and previous system. And, we can let you know of the irreparable issue so you can be certain you’re getting the service you need and an honest quote you can trust.

    Garage Door Keypad and Remote Installation | AYS Garage DoorsGarage Door Keypad and Remote Installation

    Have a new home or business that you’re installing new garage doors onto? Want to be able to get into your new garage with ease? At Your Service Garage Doors offers a number of keypad and remote systems to choose from. And, the knowledge and experience to make sound suggestions for your new garage door opening system. Once you’ve chosen the solution that’s best for your needs, we come equipped with our experienced staff to install your new keypad-remote system.

    At Your Service Garage Door Keypad and Remote Services

    Need repair or installation for a garage door keypad or remote in South Florida? Don’t want to deal with the frustration of repairing and replacing yourself? We are “At Your Service”! Give us a call today at (561) 846-2378 or write us a message through our website to tell us about your automatic garage opener needs. And, we will get back to you with a competitive quote.


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