Hurricane Door Installation

Hurricane Door Installation

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    Living in South Florida means having to prepare for a number of natural events; including hurricanes. When it comes to protecting a home or business from the dangers of these massive storms, hurricane-impact solutions can help. But, many people who reinforce their homes and businesses with hurricane-impact windows neglect to invest in hurricane-impact garage doors too. And, find out the hard way that garage doors need protection from the strong winds of a hurricane just as much as windows and other doors.

    The Need for Hurricane-Impact Garage Doors

    Even if a home is boarded up and secure, without hurricane rated garage doors, a home or business is still at risk for breaching. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of home damage in South Florida is due to a breached garage door. And, once a garage door is breached by winds of a hurricane, the entire structure of the house is at risk. It’s even possible that a breached garage door can lead to a roof collapse during hurricane-force winds. Garage doors should be rated and inspected to protect a home from these strong winds legally. However, many older homes may not be in compliance with these standards. And, may require hurricane door installation services.

    Are Your Garage Doors up to Code?

    If you haven’t had your garage door replaced since before the early 90s, your garage door may not be up to code to withstand hurricane-force winds. These code standards were set in place after Hurricane Andrew caused so much damage to South Florida. And, it was determined that hurricane-impact garage doors could have prevented much of the sustained damage. Not sure that your garage door is up to code? At Your Service can help to determine whether or not your door meets the standards of this code. And, if you’re not up to code, we can offer suggestions for a replacement to provide your home or business with the protection it needs.Hurricane Garage Doors in Palm Beach | At Your Service Garage Doors

    Hurricane Garage Doors from At Your Service in South Florida

    We work with a number of high-end manufacturers and supply companies that offer top-rated hurricane garage doors. If you have a style you like or want, we have a hurricane garage door solution for you! And, we can offer to provide the functionality you need with keypad and remote installation as well. Not sure what you need? We are “At Your Service” to find the best solution available for your property needs.

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