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Broken Spring Repair and Replacement

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    One of the most common issues when it comes to garage door repair needs is broken springs. Springs are a main component in garage door lifting systems. They’re what hold the brunt of the door’s weight. So, it’s important to make sure springs are working and in good shape to keep garage doors functioning as they should. However, garage door springs don’t last forever. After wear and tear, they need replacing.

    Think you may Have a Broken Garage Door Spring?

    Is your garage door not functioning as it should, but you’re not sure of the issue? Broken springs are a common issue when it comes to garage door maintenance. And, there are a number of things which may point to a broken spring as the source of your issues. Some signs of a broken garage door spring may include:

    Opening a few inches and going back down. This is actually a safety feature of overhead garage door openers. When the opener senses struggle, rather than forcing the door to open and create further issues, it may stop and reverse.

    A gap in the middle of the torsion spring. On overhead garage door openers, the torsion spring is most commonly located above and parallel to the garage door. When you locate this spring and notice a gap, the spring has broken.

    Hearing a loud noise. Since torsion springs hold the brunt of a garage door’s weight, when they break, a lot of force releases. This usually causes a loud bang, many homeowners have described as similar to the sound of a gunshot.

    Falling fast when closing shut. Torsion springs work to hold the weight of the garage door so it balances while closing. When a torsion spring breaks, this weight and balance is left to the garage door opener alone. And, when this happens, it may not be able to handle the full weight of the door while closing. As a result, the door may shut much faster than it should.

    Jerking when going up or down. Sometimes, when one spring on a two-spring door system breaks, the garage door will still go up and down. However, the missing spring causes the door to bounce back and forward, causing a jerking motion during movement. While jerking can be brought on by a number of factors, a broken spring is usually the culprit.

    Crooked or bent garage door. When a garage door is crooked as it goes up or down, it may be the result of a broken spring on a two-spring system. Also, if you notice a bending at the top of your door, it could be due to the opener opening the garage with a broken torsion spring.Garage Door Spring Repair in South Florida | AYS Garage Doors

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    Experiencing any of these garage door issues? It could be a broken garage door spring. Not to worry, we can help! Our garage door experts can easily and quickly fix garage door spring issues. And, identify other issues your garage door may be experiencing so you can get back to using your garage the way you need to.

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