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Tired of dealing with garage issues? Is the garage door opener broken? Or do you have other problems with your garage? When the time comes to get your garage door serviced, it can be challenging to figure out where to turn. Garage door repairs can be overwhelming for families who just want to get access to that particular area of the home. And, if the opener isn’t working properly, things can seem even more overwhelming! When you need a garage door opener service, it’s important to find real professionals that you can trust.

Offering Garage Door Services in West Palm Beach

If you live in West Palm Beach, Florida and you’re looking for a reliable and reputable garage repair company, look no further! AYS Garage Doors is a local repair service. We’re dedicated to helping each of our customers by taking care of their garage door needs. Whether you need a new door installed or a garage door opener service, we’ve got you covered! Here are just a few of the many services we offer homeowners all across South Florida:

Broken Spring Repair: Sometimes, garage doors have issues as a result of broken springs. This is a common problem. In fact, it’s one of the things people usually call us to repair. Operating a garage when the springs are broken can be very dangerous. So, it’s important to repair them as soon as possible.

Snapped Cable Repair: Snapped cables are another common problem. As with broken springs, it’s not a good idea to open your garage door if you have snapped cables. But we can resolve the issue and get your door in working order in no time!

Garage Door Opener Service: Do you need to install a new opener? Or maybe you need your current one repaired. If you need a garage door opener service, we can help!

Weather Stripping Service: If you’ve noticed water puddles near your garage door or excess dirt inside of the garage, you might need to consider getting a weather stripping service. We offer it here at AYS!

Door Panel Replacement Service: A damaged garage door can be pretty unsightly. But, many people think that they need to replace their entire door when it becomes damaged. This might not always be the case, though! If you’ve got a damaged door, you might consider replacing a panel or two, instead of replacing the whole door.

Door Off Track: If your garage door is off track, don’t try to operate it. That could do a lot more harm than good. Instead, let us help you get things back on track!

We are At Your Service!

Here at AYS Garage Doors, we are truly “at your service”. Our mission is to take care of all of your garage door needs. We want to relieve you from any stress or pressure that you may be feeling as a result of garage door worries! Contact us and request a consultation today. Then, we’ll be ready to go!


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