Top Reasons to Consider a Replacement Garage Door Opener

April 16, 2019

You’ve had your garage door opener forever. While it has done you well in the years you’ve had it, you may be wondering whether or not it’s time for a replacement garage door opener. Whatever your reasoning for consideration, others have been in your shoes as well. And, here at At Your Service Garage Doors, with years of industry service, we’ve seen all the reasons for a family or business owner to consider a garage door opener replacement. So, we’ll discuss the top four reasons many home and business owners consider replacing their own garage door opener systems.

#1: To Increase the Safety of Your Home or Business

Modern garage door opener technology allows for peace of mind when it comes to break-ins and even hurricanes. However, older garage door systems, especially those dated further than 1993, may not be as safe as modern day systems. If you’re looking for a way to further protect your garage, your home/business, and family/employees, you might want to consider having your garage door opener replaced for this reason alone. Remember, the cost of safety is less than the cost of loss!

Top Reasons to Consider a Replacement Garage Door Opener#2: Newer Garage Door Openers use Secured Technology

If you have a garage door opener that’s over 10 years old, chances are it relies on a toggle system to communicate between the opener and the remote. And, it also means that your garage door may be susceptible to security breaches via hacking. However, if you have a newer garage door system, it utilizes rolling code technology that’s harder to hack as they conduct frequent password changes to avoid security breaches via hacking. So, if you’re serious about protecting your home from all invading threats, considering a new garage door opener can help to ease your mind.

#3: Getting rid of the Outdated Noise

If you have an older garage door opener, it may utilize a system of chains to pull the garage door overhead. And, with age, these chains can create unwanted noise. Sometimes, even so loud that you can hear the open or close of the garage door from inside the home. On the other hand, newer garage door openers utilize technology and parts that are meant to decrease the chance of sound during the opening and closing of the garage door system. If you’re tired of replacing parts that result in your garage door making noise, a replacement garage door opener can definitely help.

#4: Taking Advantage of Technological Improvements

With a newly updated garage door opener, you can take advantage of all the cool technological advancements made in the last few years as it affects garage doors. With this day and age, it’s convenient to be able to access the home’s security systems right from your smartphone or tablet. And, since the garage door is part of your home security, you can now benefit from securing your garage door right from one of these devices. Plus, adjusting the lights, pairing with your wifi for long distance range, and a number of other technological advancements! If you’re wanting to upgrade your garage to not only function safer but to function better too, a garage opener update is certainly right for you.

Top Reasons to Consider a Replacement Garage Door Opener

Ready for a new Garage Door Opener?

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