How to Prevent a Garage Door Break In

April 26, 2019

According to the FBI’s 2017 national report on crime statistics, there were over 7 and a half million property crimes in that year alone. If you own a home, you may be wondering how you can further protect your property from crimes like these. Because a garage is a main entry point, may house some of your most valuable items, and is often looked at as the first break in point for a home by burglars, it’s a good idea to educate about garage security. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to secure your garage to make your home more safe from property crimes.

How to Prevent a Garage Door Break InConsider the Age of Your Garage Door Opener

Do you know how old your garage door opener is? If it’s older than 25 years, chances are that it’s easier to break into. This is due to technology and how it has changed over the years for garage door opener systems. Garage doors made before 1993 utilized dip switch technology, which can now be easily scanned and recoded by thieves in order to illegally enter. If you find that your garage door opener is older, it may be time to upgrade due to safety concerns.

Keep Track of Where you Leave Your Garage Door Remote

One of the main ways burglars will let themselves into homes is to find garage door remotes. They know that it’s common for people to leave these in their car. So, do not do so unless your car remains in your garage while you’re home. This means never leaving the remote clipped to your sun visor. And, taking it with you when you are not in the home. Fortunately, due to advancing technologies, there are more convenient ways to open garages currently. You can invest in a miniature keyring remote which you can simply attach to your keys. Or, get a more modernized garage door opener that can connect right to your smartphone!

Take Precautions When Leaving Town

Another common reason homes get broken into is because the family will leave town, making the home free of residents and likely problems for burglars. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to secure your garage when you’re not home. Firstly, you can unplug your garage door opener right from the electrical outlet, making the garage door opener unable to open or close. Additionally, most garage door openers have a control panel located on them which includes a safety lock. You can press this button to ensure that the garage door stays locked while you’re away. Finally, the garage door openers that can pair to smartphones can access the safety lock from near or afar. So, if you want the most convenient method of locking your garage door, this is the best option.
Secure Garage Windows

Most home garages have at least one window. Be sure to secure this or these windows before leaving for a trip, while you’re sleeping, and any time you’re not using them. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to utilize curtains so burglars cannot view inside your garage to pick and choose which items they want as their own. And, to invest in a break-in proof glass or locks as to deter any garage door break ins that way.

Need a New Garage Door or Garage Door Opener to Ensure the Safety of Your Home?

Want to give your home and family the best protection? A new garage door opener or garage door can help to give you the convenience and security you’re looking for. To talk to us about your best garage door options for safety, contact At Your Service Garage Doors today.


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