Tips on How to Balance a Garage Door for Homeowners

May 29, 2019

The motion of a garage door counts on garage door springs. These springs keep the garage door balanced so they can operate smoothly and efficiently. Typically, these springs are threaded to the torsion tube, which is attached to cables that work to pull the garage door system up and down. Furthermore, garage door springs allow for the balance of a garage door system so that the cables can wind and unwind as the system opens and closes. So, when garage door springs break or warp, it causes the garage door to become imbalanced. And, can lead to issues with the system opening and closing. If you’re experiencing broken or warped garage door springs, you may be wondering how to balance a garage door. In this article, we explain some symptoms and dangers of an imbalanced garage door. And, ways you can go about fixing the issue to get back to a functioning garage door.

Symptoms of a garage Door Out of Balance

Is your garage door not working the way it should? Wondering if it’s broken springs or the result of an unbalanced garage door? Some of the symptoms of a garage door out of balance include:

Tips on How to Balance a Garage Door for HomeownersLoud and Squeaky Noises: If you’ve noticed strange sounds coming from your garage door when it opens and closes, it may be due to your rollers having to overcompensate due to warping or damaged springs. And, an imbalanced garage door. However, this is often the first sign of an unbalanced garage door so recognizing this symptom as soon as it occurs can help to prevent any further damage.

Uneven Garage Door: One of the quickest and surest ways to know if your garage door is out of balance is to recognize a lopsided appearance. Take a look at the garage door compared to the frame of your home. If it seems uneven, chances are you have a balance garage door issue.

Being Slow Opening and Closing: Is your garage door not opening or closing as fast as it once did? If your garage door is working properly, it will smoothly open and close each and every time. So, if you notice a slowing down of motion, it could be due to an imbalanced garage door.

Not Opening or Closing: The final symptom of a garage door that’s not balanced is lack of motion altogether. While this is definitely the last symptom you’ll recognize, it means that garage door repair is in your near future.

Ho to Test the Balance of Your Garage Door for Yourself

If you recognize any of the above symptoms of a garage door that’s not balanced correctly, you can actually make an accurate diagnosis yourself. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you can always contact the experts to conduct a balance test. Some things you can do to check the balance of your home garage door system include these steps:

1. Close the Door: First and foremost, close the garage door to complete this test. If you have to, turn off the system and manually close the door to go on to the next step.

2. Manually Release the Door: The next step involves detaching the garage door from the garage door opener. Most systems have a manual release on the garage door opener which makes this step easy.

3. Lift the Door Halfway: Next, once the door is released from the opener, you should be able to manually lift the door up halfway.

4. Release the Door: Finally, the last step, once you have it lifted halfway, is to release the garage door. This will tell you if your garage door is unbalanced. If the garage door goes up or down when you release, this means you have a balance issue. But, if your garage stays in the middle where you’ve positioned it, you shouldn’t have a balance issue to address.

Have a Balance Garage Door Issue?

If you have conducted the above garage door balance test and have found that your garage door opens or shuts, you need to rebalance your garage door. But, unless you have professional knowledge on how to balance and repair garage door springs, you’ll need professional garage door assistance with this. If you’re looking for a garage door company you can trust in South Florida, consider At Your Service Garage Doors.

We offer any type of garage door repair service imaginable, including balancing garage door systems. To get your free quote for a garage door balance, contact us today on our website!


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