Thinking About Installing Glass Panel Garage Doors?

January 23, 2019

When it comes to garage doors, it seems like there are plenty of options out there. Maybe too many? The funny think about garage doors is that they contribute a great deal to the way your house looks. They can literally make or break your home’s appearance. If the garage looks poorly, it will have a negative effect on the way your house looks. It can, on the other hand, improve your home’s overall appearance if it’s done properly. Maybe you’re looking to give your home a new and improved appearance. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about installing a new garage door. With all of the options out there, you’ve finally been able to narrow down your choices. One of the options on your mind is glass door panel garage doors. But, you’re not entirely sure if you want to get them installed. Well, maybe more information will help you decide!

About Glass Panel Garage Doors

Glass garages? In Florida? How exactly does that work? Most likely, you’ve asked yourself these or similar questions. The words “glass” and “garage” hardly seem to belong in the same sentence. Many people are uncertain how glass panel garage doors can be durable. But, here at AYS Garage Doors, we’ve actually paired with one of the best impact window manufacturers here in South Florida to create a glass garage door that is fully durable, functional, and yes, aesthetically pleasing! See, the impact glass panels are placed in heavy-duty, commercial grade aluminum frames. This allows the doors to be completely durable and withstand the elements here in South Florida. And, fortunately, that means that these glass panel garage doors are able to stand up to the effects of hurricanes, which are common here in our state. Also, these doors offer UV protection and resistance to break-ins. These are definitely major pluses!

Of course, as you work to figure out the best option for your garage door installment, you should keep in mind the fact that your new garage door should match the intended look of your home. After all, this is the largest and most easily seen door of your house! In addition to their durability, these garage doors offer your home a modern, contemporary style! If you want to give your home an amazing new look, glass garage doors just might do the trick! Not only are they resistant to the harmful elements that could harm them, such as high-speed winds, but they also create a look that you won’t find with any other type of garage door. Glass panel garage doors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. This basically means that you can literally create your desired look with these customizable garage doors, which is great!

Ready for Your Garage Door Installation?

Do you think it’s time to give your home a facelift by installing a new garage door? Are you considering glass panel garage doors more seriously now that you’ve learned more about them? If so, that’s great! If you still have questions about their durability or style options, feel free to call the professionals here at AYS Garage Doors! We are at your service and totally ready to meet all of your garage door needs! Whether you need a new garage door or repairs on your current one, our team can take care of things for you! You don’t need to wait any longer to get that fresh new look you want for your home. Why not get started today? Just contact us today to request a consultation. Then, let the garage door work begin! Give us a call at (561) 846-2378!


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