Think You Need a Garage Door Seal Replacement Service?

January 25, 2019

When it comes to the garage door, many homeowners are a little unsure about how to take care of them. If we were to be totally honest, many people seem to forget about the importance of maintaining the garage door. That is, they forget until things start to go wrong. Garage doors are some of the most commonly forgotten items when it comes to home maintenance. But, they’re also extremely important to homeowners. So it would only make sense to take care of them! If you’ve started to recognize some issues with your garage door, it may be time to give it a little TLC. Maybe you’ve been noticing some excess dirt in the garage. Or, perhaps your garage has experienced a small amount of flooding here and there. This could be a sign that you need a garage door seal replacement job.

Not really sure what this is or whether you need it? Let us help you figure that out! We’ll talk a little bit about what a garage door seal is and its purpose. We can also identify a few things that could indicate that you need a garage door seal replacement service.

What is a Garage Door Seal?

Right about now, you may be asking, “What’s a garage door seal?” It’s not exactly the most common topic to talk about. But, as far as garage doors are concerned, the sealing is one of the most important elements of an efficient door. Seals are placed on all of the edges of the garage door. The purpose of these seals is to fill in the gaps between the door and the surface (i.e. the floor). And the reason you want to fill in those gaps is that, if you don’t excess moisture, dirt, and even small creatures can get into your garage through those gaps. The seals also act as insulation devices. They help to keep the desired temperature inside of the garage because they keep outside air, well, outside.

There are multiple types of seals for garage doors. One of the more commonly used seals is called the bottom seal. This type of seal can be found along the bottom edge of garage doors. There are a few different kinds of bottom seals. They include the following: triple contact, T-shaped, P-shaped, and bulb-shaped. Another type of garage door seal is the threshold seal. It’s made of durable rubber and works really well to keep excess moisture out of your garage. Finally, there’s the brush seal. This kind of seal is more commonly seen in commercial garages rather than home garages. Brush seals are literally brushes, made with small bristles that help to sweep out unnecessary dust and debris.

Do I Need a Garage Door Seal Replacement Service?

Now that you know a little more about the purpose of seals for your garage doors, you’ve probably got another question. If you’ve noticed a few issues with your garage and the garage door, you might be wondering if you need a garage door seal replacement service. But, maybe you’re just not quite sure. Let’s briefly discuss a few reasons why you might need to consider getting a garage door seal replacement:

  • The seals are buckling.
  • There is warping due to weather.
  • The garage door metal is rusting.
  • Water is puddling near the door.
  • The seal has become flattened.
  • There are cracks in the bottom seal.
  • There is excess air coming in from outside.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your garage door, it might be time to look into garage door seal replacement. We offer this service here at AYS Garage Doors! So, if you’re in need of some help with your garage door needs, just contact us by calling (561) 846-2378!


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