Identifying 5 of the Most Common Garage Door Problems

March 26, 2019

We all know that garage doors can be finicky. But, generally speaking, we don’t usually put too much thought into maintaining them. Perhaps we just assume that they don’t need any attention. Until, of course, they do. Garage doors are, after all, machines that are made up of many different moving parts. And when one of those parts isn’t working properly, you can be sure the whole door will be impacted. And, once this happens, things can spiral downward pretty quickly. So, it is certainly important to identify and fix any problems as soon as possible. This will help to prevent further issues and may even save you some money. That definitely sounds like a win-win situation! It might be helpful to identify common garage door problems so that you can quickly work to resolve any issues that may come up. Alright, let’s talk about some of the possible problems.

#1: The Electronic Keypad or Door Opener Isn’t Working Properly

One of the common garage door problems people often encounter has to do with the keypad. Many people have electronic keypads to open their garage doors. But, sometimes, these keypads become damaged or just stop working correctly. As a result, people may have a difficult time opening and closing their garage doors. The same thing goes for garage door openers. It’s not uncommon for door openers to malfunction. But, despite the fact that this issue happens fairly often, it always causes inconvenience for those who experience this problem. If this is, in fact, your problem, it will be helpful if you get those issues fixed ASAP.

#2: The Garage Door is Operating Noisily

Uh-oh. The garage door is making a lot of noise when opening and closing. It seems like every time the door is in motion, you can hear a loud grinding or screeching noise. It’s not just annoying; it is also pretty worrisome. These obnoxious sounds could be signs of a much bigger garage door issue. But, it’s not always as big of a problem as it sounds like. It could just be indicating that the door needs some lubrication. Once it gets a little help in this area, your door might actually operate quietly and smoothly once again.

#3: The Door Isn’t Closing All The Way

Has your garage door been having trouble closing? Maybe it seems like it starts to close. But, then, it starts to open again. Many times, this happens if there is something in the way of the door’s sensors. Often, garage doors have these sensors, also known as the sensor’s eyes or photo-eyes. If something is in the view of these eyes, these sensors let the door know that it’s not safe for it to close. This helps to prevent injuries and damages to your car. Basically, if your car is a little too close to the door, the sensors may alert the door that there is something in the way. This will stop the door from damaging your vehicle. If you or your child are in the sensors’ view, your door won’t close.

But, there are also times when all cars and people are out of the way and the door still won’t close. If this is the case, then you might check for debris and other things that could be alerting the photo-eyes.

#4: Your Garage Door Won’t Open Properly

There could be a few reasons why your door isn’t opening. Again, the problem could be with your electronic keypad or garage door opener. But the problem could also be with the garage door springs. Sometimes, a garage door’s springs may snap or break, causing issues with the functionality of the door. Another one of the common garage door problems that could be causing a problem with the way the door opens is a snapped cable. The springs and cables are meant to help the garage door to open safely. But, if any of these parts are broken, it’s actually very unsafe to try to operate the door. So, it is important to get a professional to take a look at the door as soon as possible in order to prevent serious injuries.

#5: There is Rust or Damage on Your Garage Door

Sometimes, the elements can cause garage doors to rust. Or, maybe you’ve gotten a little too close to the door when pulling into the driveway. As a result, one of the panels have been damaged. If either one of these problems has happened, it might be time to replace a panel of your garage door.

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