What You Should Know About Garage Door Cable Replacement

February 11, 2019

If your garage door isn’t working properly, the cause of the problem could be any number of things. Sometimes, the problem isn’t really that easy to spot. So, garage door issues are often overlooked. This can be really dangerous because each problem, even if it seems small, could lead to bigger issues. And some of the malfunctions could actually lead to dangerous situations. One example of a danger-causing problem is a broken or snapped cable. If you’ve got a snapped garage door cable on your hands, it’s absolutely important to get this issue taken care of ASAP! Snapped cables are more than a matter of a poorly operating garage door. A garage door cable replacement job is definitely in order. If you’re not really sure what to do about your snapped cable or how to know if that’s even the problem, we’ve got a little information that might help you!

What’s the Big Deal About the Cables?

We mentioned that a snapped cable problem is much more than a “little garage door issue”. This is because a broken garage door cable can cause the garage door to become a major safety hazard. You see, these cables are placed on either side of the garage door. Their job is to physically move the door, lifting it as well as lowering it. You might say that the cables are pretty instrumental in getting the heavy lifting done. These cables are made to be able to take the stress of operating the heavy door. They’re very thick and durable. However, as you can imagine, the constant movement and the intense weight of the door can cause quite a bit of wear and tear on those cables. As a result, these hardworking, worn down mechanisms just might break under the pressure. This isn’t really a rarity; it’s a common situation.

However, the fact that this issue happens to a lot of people doesn’t make it any less urgent. When one of the cables is broken, the cables on the opposite have to work extremely hard to compensate for the lack of support. As a result, the door might have trouble opening and closing properly. In addition to that serious issue, the overworked, compensating cables could also break, causing an even greater problem to occur.

Do I need a Garage Door Cable Replacement?

It’s not always easy to know exactly what the problem is when your garage door isn’t working correctly. But, one thing that might indicate the fact that you’ve got a broken cable is the way the garage door looks when it’s in operation. Is it shaking a little? Or have you noticed an uneven look when it’s opening or closing? Perhaps one side of the door seems to lift higher and faster than the other. Does the door seem to be a little unsteady? If so, this could mean that you need a garage door cable replacement, and fast!

So, do you need a professional to help you with the garage door cable replacement? Or can you just do it yourself? Well, these great questions and you’re probably asking them right now. So, let’s just get straight to the answer, shall we? In all honesty, garage doors are not really the best machines to work with if you don’t have a lot of expertise in this particular area. This is mainly due to the fact that they’re extremely heavy and have a lot of moving parts. If you haven’t had a lot of experience fixing malfunctioning garage doors, the process can be very dangerous. So, it’s really best to call in the pros to help you with your garage door cable replacement.

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