How to Choose a New Garage Door for Your Home

June 10, 2019

When it comes to selecting a new garage door for your home, you may feel overwhelmed. WIth all the manufacturers, types of products, prices, and styles to choose from, the choice can become more challenging than you’d expect. But, you want to make sure you choose the best garage door option for your home that’s in your budget, functions as you need, and of course, looks great. For the average homeowner who doesn’t know a think about garage doors, how does one go about selecting one?

Consider Garage Door Materials and the Design they Offer

Every type of garage door material offers a different garage door design. So, choosing the garage door material can help to narrow down your design options. For instance, if you know that you need a hurricane-proof garage door, you can consider hurricane-resistant glass that is rated to withstand hurricane force winds. Or, if you live up north and want to be able to use your garage in the winter time, you might want to consider an insulated garage door. Once you determine the material you need for the functionality of your garage, you can better prepare to think about design styles.

When it comes to garage door design, you have a number of options. Once you know which material you need, you are better suited to think about design. Most people consider a garage door design that compliments the features on the rest of the house. But, overall, the choice in garage door design is completely up to you and should be something you feel will look great for many years to come.

Remember Your Budget

Depending on the style, material, and functionality of garage door systems, prices will vary. So, before you shop for a garage door, keep in mind your general budget. Furthermore, remember that the price of the garage door does not include the price of a garage door opener or installation. Once you have a budget set in mind, you can eliminate some of the options you may consider. This can help to better pinpoint your final decision and allow you to remain in the realm of your budget.

Considering Safety Features

Garage doors may have varying safety features depending on the type and manufacturer. If you have reason to provide increased security like having small children, living in a high-crime area, or want to provide further safety for pets, you can look into specific options. For example, consider a garage door that offers sensors that stop the garage from closing if anything is sensed to be in its way.

Additionally, to provide safety from inevitable storms your garage door may face, you may want to consider weather stripping. Or, a garage door that can withstand the severe weather that may come to your area.

Get Help from the Garage Door Professionals

Still not sure which garage door may be your best bet? While you have many options to choose from, there is an option out there to suit your every need! Here at At Your Service Garage Doors, we help home and business owners make the best garage door selection for their budget, safety needs, and style.

If you need help choosing a garage door, having a garage door installed, or anything else garage-related, we are “At Your Service”! Contact us today right from our website and we will get back to you shortly to find out more about your garage door needs.


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