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The garage door is broken. Again. There’s a broken spring, a snapped cable, ruined panel. The remote to open the garage needs repairing. Don’t feel bad; these things have happened to nearly every single homeowner here and there. And if it’s recently happened to you, you’ve probably been on the lookout for someone to help you fix the problem. Well, look no further! If you live in or near Palm Beach, At Your Service Garage Doors can install, repair, and replace your garage door for you with expertise and efficiency! Here at AYS, we make your garage door needs our business. We are truly “at your service”!

Garage Door Replacement and Repair Services in Palm Beach

From garage door replacement to weather stripping, AYS has got you covered! We offer a variety of services to the residents of West Palm Beach, Florida. Some of those services include:

Hurricane-Impact Garage Door Installation: If you’ve lived in Palm Beach or any other city in South Florida for a while, you know that hurricanes are no stranger to the residents of this area of the world. Since that’s the case, it’s important to protect your home and family in the best ways possible. AYS works to make sure our clients’ homes are safe through the installation of hurricane-impact garage doors!

Garage Door Remote: Who doesn’t love to have easy access to their garage? With our garage door remote services, we can repair or install a garage door opener for you so that you can easily get into your garage, hassle-free. Your satisfaction and comfort is our #1 concern!

Spring and Cable Repair: Do you have a broken spring or snapped cable? It’s important to get these problems taken care of ASAP. Not only are these issues undesirable. They could also be very dangerous if they go untreated. Thankfully, AYS is at your service! We can repair the broken cables or springs so that you don’t have to be concerned about it anymore!

Garage Door Replacement and Installation: Sometimes, people believe they need a completely new garage door when the problem is really just one panel. We understand that there are certainly times when a complete garage door replacement job is in order. So we do provide installation services! However, we also know that you may just need to get a panel replaced. We also offer this service to our clients!

Weather Stripping: Living in South Florida can be great! The climate is nice and the weather feels warm nearly all year round. But, there are definitely a lot of elements that could pose a threat to your clean and peaceful home. Rain comes to visit us West Palm Beach residents quite often. And with excess moisture comes lots of mud, bugs, and other things. But, you can keep all of those elements in the great outdoors by letting AYS help you out! We provide a weather stripping service to keep those unwanted guests outside of your garage door!

Your Palm Beach Garage Door Professionals

Don’t stress about your garage door needs anymore. Let the professionals here at AYS Garage Doors help meet those needs and eliminate your worries! Just give us a call today to find out how we can help you!


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