Choosing Between Garage Door Repair or a New Garage Door

August 27, 2019

No homeowner likes the thought of having to replace something for their home. But, if something breaks or no longer works, homeowners do have a choice for what they can do. Basically, they have a choice between repair or replacement of whatever is no longer functional. One of the situations in which homeowners may have to make this choice is when their garage door breaks. Weighing the pros and cons of both repair and getting a new garage door can help homeowners make the best choice for their own home. In this article, we go over the choice homeowners have when they face a broken garage door. This way, homeowners can be sure they’re making the right decision before moving forward with a solution.

Consider How Old Your Current Garage Door Is

One thing that’s important to consider when you’re facing a garage door that isn’t working is how old it is. Typically, if your garage door is very old, like 10, 15, or even 20 years old, replacing with a new garage door is your best bet. This is because you could end up needing to make more repairs on an older garage door even after you fix the current issue. The average lifespan of a garage door is 10-12 years. So, anything older than that can put you at risk for more fixes. And, the chance for your garage door to break at any moment. Of course, if it were to break with you or family in the garage or near the door, this can be potentially dangerous. And, even life-threatening. Overall, if you’re considering what to do with a garage door, thinking about how old it is can make the decision quite easy.

Considering All the Repairs You’ve Had on Your Garage Door

Has the garage door you need fixing given you problems in the past? It could be due to your garage door being broken. Sometimes, common repairs don’t fix underlying issues that lead to dysfunctional garage door systems. Furthermore, spending money on repairs may not fix a broken garage door. So, choosing to repair a garage door that may have had many issues in the past could end up being more costly than just getting a new garage door. Think about it – why spend money on repair when you might have to again in a few months?

Saving Money With a New Garage Door

As mentioned, replacing a garage door can help to save you in repair costs. Not only from preventing needing them as you got rid of your old door but because new garage doors won’t need repair, as they’re new. So, if you hate the experience of having a dysfunctional garage door now and you don’t want to deal with this situation anytime in the near future, consider a new garage door. And, save the money you would spend on repairs.

Considering How a New Garage Door Garage Door can Increase Your Home’s Value

Finally, if you choose a new garage door over repair, you can actually increase the overall value of your home. So, if you’re planning on selling soon, this may be a better choice over the repair. A new garage door can give your home an updated curb appeal. And, can include new and useful functionality like syncing to your wireless internet. This way, you can utilize capabilities like opening and closing from your garage door. And, alerts for potential break-ins.

Considering Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is less than 10 years old and has been maintained frequently with routine maintenance, you may want to consider garage door repair. Check out what issues your garage door may be facing to learn what repair may entail. Then, choose a garage door repair company to help service the repair. Remember, it’s better to have the professionals repair your garage door if you don’t have any experience. This can help to reduce the risk for any bodily injury during the repair process. And, eliminates the risk for breaking your garage door system attempting to repair.

Choosing a Company for a New Garage Door or Repair

Whether you want to choose to replace the garage door you have with a new system or want to go with the repair process, choose a company that does both.

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